We view all our activities in conjunction with the church as ministries, whether it is the business of the church, communicating our beliefs with non-believers, or just sharing the good word with each other. The collection of Cherry Grove’s ministries below demonstrates the diverse ways we can hear and answer to the will of God. If you would like to help us in any of these ministries, or if you have other ministerial opportunities we might be interested in (we are always looking for where we may be called to serve), please contact us at (360) 687-3159.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Team provides tools for teaching, nurturing, and serving youth and adults in their spiritual growth in such ways as Sunday school classes, Vacation Bible School classes, and church camps.


The Elders act as the spiritual leaders of the church. They provide pastoral oversight for the spiritual and moral welfare of the church. This team is generally comprised of individuals who are well acquainted with members of the congregation and who exhibit spiritual maturity, compassion, and Christ-like behavior. This allows them to better sense the movement of the Holy Spirit through the church.


The Fellowship Team oversees various social events for Cherry Grove including potlucks, staff appreciation, meals for members in need, newcomer welcoming, kitchen stocking and staffing, and church picnics.

JOY Women’s Bible Study

This group is for women of all ages. It meets Tuesday mornings at 9:30am for fellowship and study of God’s Word.


Cherry Grove Friends Church has a library of life-enrichment resources for all ages and all members of the church community.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Team works to identify and promote spiritually gifted individuals within the congregation and nominate them to various ministries as appropriate. It is a core Friends belief that all individuals have gifts appropriate to ministry; therefore, we believe all are eventually called to serve.


missionsThe Outreach Team works to befriend the un-churched with caring ministries that communicate the Good News and hopefulness found in a life with Christ.

Cherry Grove has sent missionary workers to the nations of Malawi, Mexico, and Morocco. The Outreach Team also works to financially support others called to missionary work around the world.


Under the direction of the elders, Cherry Grove maintains pastoral leadership for the congregation. The pastor is an elder who is responsible for shepherding the congregation and individuals in their Christian worship, spiritual growth, and religious education.

Our pastor is Mark Franklin.


The Stewards are responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the church building, its contents, and the grounds. This team also cares for the financial budgeting, accounting, and reporting of all facets of the church’s operation.

Yearly Meeting Representatives

While Quaker churches run autonomously, churches of like-mindedness will join together in a larger organization known as a “Yearly Meeting”. The Yearly Meeting brings area church representatives together to worship and address concerns of the larger organization. Cherry Grove Friends Church – as with other Friends churches – appoints several members to represent us in the Yearly Meeting.