Open Worship


Open worship is a time for us to focus on our personal relationship with God. During this time, the congregation sits in silence and personally communes with God through the Holy Spirit. If moved by the Spirit, individuals within the church body will speak to share their thoughts or questions with those gathered. At Cherry Grove, the open worship typically lasts up to ten minutes.

“The Presence in the Midst” by Doyle Penrose

We focus on our personal relationship with God through silent prayer, reflection, meditation, and/or brief messages from the congregation. 
Silence is a major part of sensing God’s presence, so the entire time of open worship may be spent in silence.
Our goal is to be lead by Christ personally.
We believe that Jesus is our “Present Teacher” so we expect to hear him speak to our hearts during this time.

Suggestions for developing your personal relationship with the Lord during the silent time:

  • Surrender all outside concerns and focus your thoughts on the Lord and His teachings.

  • Ask the Lord for guidance and peace.

  • If the burden of sin is heavy for you, confess your sin (silently to God) and accept His forgiveness and power to change.

  • Listen for God’s voice within your heart.

  • Concentrate on a scripture or a song that has meaning for you. (Feel free to use a nearby Bible or hymnal.)

  • Some people come prepared to speak based on hearing God’s voice during the prior week and being led to share what they heard.

If you feel led to share a brief message, we ask that you:

  • Allow a few moments between each message so people have time to pray or reflect upon what was shared.

  • Consider whether your words are appropriate for a group setting. (You are welcome to speak to someone one-on-one at another time.)

  • Consider if your brief message enhances the current theme of the service.

  • You may sit or stand while speaking, although most people stand so that they may be heard.

  • Speak audibly and clearly. Microphones are available.

  • Refrain from using this time for announcements, or political or personal agendas.